Fisher Island Luxury Homes

Fisher Island is an artificial island, which takes luxury in a whole new level. Once owned privately by its pioneer, Carl G. Fisher, the island is located a few miles off the Miami shores. This exclusive island is accessible through private helicopter and ferry; no causeway or road connects Fisher Island to Miami . In the past, Fisher Island was a one-family island home of the famous Vanderbilt family but was later sold for development in the mid-20th century in order to incorporate more Fisher Island real estate properties.

Although it waited more than 10 years before development begun, Fisher Island is now once again occupied by a mix of millionaire families. As the highest-income area in the entire United States , Fisher Island is an exclusive refuge for the extremely wealthy. Fisher Island real estate properties are diverse and wide-ranging. Sprawling estates of exclusive villas, Spanish-style oceanfront homes and others are typically found in region.

Residents of the community enjoy lavish luxury from various amenities unique only to the island, including: high-end shopping districts, world-class restaurants and exclusive beach clubs. The world-renown Fisher Island Club is also located in the area, which features private entertainment areas, suites, marinas, golf course and an amazing wellness center, the Spa Internazionale. For the latest Fisher Island real estate property, browse our library of luxury homes and condos.