Bay Harbor Island Luxury Homes

Bay Harbor Islands

Bay Harbor is a lively and effervescent community packed with Miami real estate luxury homes. This island is located within the major metro areas of the Miami-Dade County . Incorporated in 1947, the Bay Harbor area is very accessible by boat through the Intracoastal Waterway . Motorists, however, may access the island through the Broad Causeway, a toll roadway constructed in 1951.

As a beautiful residential and commercial island, Bay Harbor is filled with luxury homes and other Miami and Bay Harbor real estate properties. Single family homes are mostly located on the western part of the island. The east area of Bay Harbor, on the other hand, hosts rental properties, like apartment buildings and condos; it is also the home of many retail districts and other small businesses.

Large streets, perfectly managed landscapes and wonderful bay areas intensify the beauty of the homes located in west Bay Harbor. There are also plenty of large luxury homes in the region that provide residents with a unique semi-tropical climate highlighted by cool winds from the ocean. Many of these properties are waterfront homes that overlook the waters of Biscayne Bay and Indian Creek – they are the most sought-after Bay Harbor real estate properties.

The emergence of these affluent estates gave Bay Harbor its modern feel and charm. And although its historic residences are slowly disappearing, not all is lost because Bay Harbor is now one of the premier addresses in the Miami-Dade County . If you are planning to move to this magnificent island, check out our Bay Harbor real estate properties for the latest luxury homes currently available in the market.