Coconut Grove Luxury Homes

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Coconut Grove is one of Miami ’s centers for the arts. From the rich architectural designs of Coconut Grove real estate properties to the neighborhood’s interesting artistic and cultural sights, it’s no wonder why plenty of tourists and would-be homeowners make Coconut Grove their destination.

As one of the most popular districts of Miami , Coconut Grove offers plenty of luxurious amenities and indulgent comforts. What once known as a bohemian village is now a thriving center for diverse cultural and artistic impressions. One of the most popular sights in Coconut Grove is the Viscaya Museum and Gardens. Once a private residence created by James Deering, the Viscaya has been transformed into a historic landmark. This Italian-style villa is filled with interesting features, from antique furniture pieces to magnificent landscaped gardens.

The Viscaya Museum has a great influence in terms of the architectural style of the houses in Coconut Grove. You’ll find waterfront Coconut Grove real estate properties in the same Italian Renaissance style popularized by the renowned Mr. Deering.

But architectural and artistic styles are not the only things Coconut Grove is famous for. Every year, festivals, from the Goombay Festival to the Arts Festival, are held to keep everyone—tourists and residents, alike—busy. The vibrant events of the neighborhood make it one of the most visited and desirable addresses in Miami .

So, if you’re ready to experience the delights of Coconut Grove first hand, visit our collection of houses and condos currently available in the Coconut Grove real estate market.

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