In the heart of Florida’s Palm Beach County is a great residential village called Wellington which is recognized for its ability to provide property buyers with the opportunity to live within one of the best locations within the region today.

Wellington consists of 31 square miles and is situated next to West Palm Beach, Greenacres, Lake Worth, and Royal Palm Beach. What was once the world’s biggest strawberry patch is now known as being home of the Winter Equestrian Festival and that has definitely placed Wellington on the map.

Up until this very day, Wellington continues to grow in popularity because of the fact that there is so much that the village has to offer with regards to lifestyle options and opportunities which include luxury real estate options which are perfect for people who have a passion for horses. Of course, it is only natural to find many Wellington luxury homes to be found upon unbelievably large plots of land where a full range of equestrian facilities can be found.

Given the fact that the village is so appealing to a particular high-end sector of the market, property buyers can expect to find that it is unlike a lot of areas within Florida which are mostly centered on providing people with the opportunity to reside by the beach. Wellington, on the other hand, provides people with the opportunity to maintain a full lifestyle where they are given the chance to have their own private barns and so much more.

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