Mid Beach (South)

Located between the South Beach and North Beach neighborhoods is a section of the Miami Beach city area called Mid-Beach which has been known to provide luxury real estate options to cater to the exceptional needs of high-end property buyers within South Florida.

Mid-Beach consists of the area from above 23rd Street and the Indian Creek as it stretches down south of the Surprise Lake and 45th Street area and is generally divided into two sections, North and South. Mid-Beach South is found on the border of South Beach and offers fabulous residential options suitable for modern luxury living within an environment that is truly spectacular.

Unlikes other parts of the city which are heavily congested with people and noise, Mid-Beach South allows people to engage in a setting that offers tranqulitity amidst the natural beauty that makes South Florida one of the best locations in the world. Nevertheless, people are sure to find that everything that they need will be within close range, especially for people who are particularly drawn to the charm of the South Beach area.

Mid-Beach South luxury homes which showcase a wide variety of architectural styles and sizes are found within upscale neighborhoods and are seen to be among the most highly sought after luxury real estate options due to the fact that they are found within a superb beachside location within Miami which allows for a high degree of convenience due to its close proximity to other popular cities within the region.

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