Hillsboro Beach

Along the State Road A1A lies a town that stretches out to 3.2 miles which had been named after the Earl of Hillborough to whom the town had been named after having been selected by the King of England to receive grants of land within South Florida while the region was under English command. Today, the town of Hillsboro Beach is one of the most affluent locations to offer people the grand opportunity to live within absolute luxury.

It is located in Broward County and is conveniently positioned south of Deerfield Beach, east of Lighthouse Point, and north of Pompano Beach which allows it to grant people such excellent access to an exceptional horizon filled with the natural brilliance that makes Florida so popular around the world.

The town of Hillsboro Beach goes by other names such as Millionaire’s Mile, A1A Mile, and even Hillsboro Mile. But no matter what name you choose to call the town community, it remains to be one of the most amazing oceanfront locations for luxury real estate within the region as it offers a superb collection of beautiful multi-million luxury home properties which are known to live up to the highest of expectations.

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