Gulf Stream

People that wish to find the most amazing luxury home properties within Florida will easily find options that will meet their expectations within an oceanfront community called Gulf Stream which is located in Palm Beach County.

Many have come to find the town community to be one of the most sensational within the region because of the fact that it is situated along the Atlantic coast and provides impeccable views from within the most opulent luxury homes possible.

Within close proximity to Gulf Stream are popular destinations such as Ocean Ridge which is located to its north, Delray Beach which is located to its south and west, and Boynton Beach which is to its northwest. Miami, on the other hand, is approximately 50 miles away.

As far as the quality of living within the community is concerned, people are sure to be delighted by the fact that the town has earned its rank as being the 11th highest-income community within the United States in the 2000 census. As a result, people can look forward to living within one of the most exclusive and affluent residential communities in the country today where property buyers can choose among a first-class selection of luxury homes which are guaranteed to provide the best quality and value in prime luxury real estate.

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